For more than 40 years, product innovation, design and Italian identity have been the core values of Lotto’s strategic positioning. Performance products for the worlds of tennis and football have always been the brand’s hallmarks.

From research and technological innovation applied to performance, collections for leisure time were later created with a wide range of lifestyle products.

The continuous evolution – from both the technological and design viewpoint – is one of the brand’s main strengths. Faithful to this inspiration, the Lotto brand has consistently been synonymous with stylistic research and technological innovation.

For Lotto, sport continues to be the main source of inspiration. Today, alongside the traditional and recognized technical products, Lotto Sport Italia follows a path of growth and development in the lifestyle segment that is in step with growing market trends.

Active well-being is a way of interpreting sport away from the spotlights, over-competition and the crowds of fans. But whatever sport means, and whatever people call sport – training, exercising, working out, sparring or playing – it’s been proven to vastly boost not only their health but people’s mind too.